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The Unity Prayer


My Adorable JESUS,

May our feet journey together.

May our hands gather in unity.

May our hearts beat in unison.

May our souls be in harmony.

May our thoughts be as one.

May our ears listen to the silence together.

May our glances profoundly penetrate each other.

May our lips pray together to gain mercy

from the Eternal FATHER.

JESUS, in Your Most Holy Name, I pray. Amen.




The following private revelation from Our Lord was given to a dear friend who humbly seeks anonymity. It is Our Lord's desire that it be shared with youth and young adults in awareness of his presence in the world and of his deep desire to unite with us, especially in these times. in awareness of his presence in the world and of his deep desire to unite with us, especially in these times.



“Hi, it's JESUS!  I am speaking to your heart.

I have waited for this time to be with you.

I am always with you; how?

It's a mystery - it is through Love.

You see, before We - GOD the FATHER,


created the Heavens and the earth you were with Us -

just not yet created in your family.  Remember at Baptism,

you become part of Our Family and Beloved Child,

cherished & always loved.

Through times of being aware of ME (JESUS) and

your very own Guardian Angel and

when you pray, you may hear a tiny, tiny whisper.  

It's ME waiting for you in silence.  Just close your eyes

and open your heart, and focus on ME.

I want you to be My Best Friend like Blessed Carlo Acutis!

We spent our days with each other and he was My Young Disciple.

Will you follow ME and be My Disciple, too?


Now I want to tell you about ME and 2 Miracles of My Holy FACE!

One happened when I was carrying My Cross to Calvary and the other when

a Priest was celebrating the Holy Mass in the Church named for ME -

CHRIST the KING in the country of India.


Almost 2,000 years ago on Good Friday, the soldiers were taking ME to Golgotha

(skull shaped hill in Jerusalem) to be crucified.  I had wrongly been accused, judged

and sentenced to death.  I was beaten, whipped and now I am carrying My heavy Cross - 

All for Our Love for humanity.  I was paying the price for All the sins of All Peoples.

Our Love, Mercy and Sacrifice of My suffering, death, and resurrection would

bring the forgiveness of sins, salvation and the promise of Heaven for Eternity for those who follow ME.

While I was carrying the heavy cross, a courageous woman stepped

through the angry crowd and soldiers to offer ME her veil to wipe My FACE of blood, 

sweat, dust and tears. 

For her loving act, GOD allowed My FACE to appear on her veil and

the original is kept at the Vatican in Rome. Later, various Popes commissioned images

to be painted from the original Veil of My Holy FACE and circulated throughout the world for 

all to see and adore.  Also, we remember this courageous act as the Sixth Station of the Cross.


+ + + + + + + +


Now for the Second Miracle of My Holy FACE, which happened only 10 years ago, also on a Friday!

It was November 15, 2013, when Father Thomas Pathickal was celebrating the Holy Mass in his Parish.

At the time of Consecration - Transubstantiation - the simple gifts of bread and wine become

My very Body, Blood, Soul and Divinity.  I am truly Present!

He noticed that a spot appeared on the Host that slowly increased.

The black and white spot now formed My image of My Holy FACE.

He placed this Host in a monstrance to preserve it.After 3 days, the Archdiocese took this Host of My Holy FACE

to have a scientific evaluation made.  It was during this time, that

the Parish was preparing to celebrate My Feast of CHRIST the King.

Later after 5 years, the Archdiocese returned this Host of My Holy FACE

to the Parish for veneration by the Faithful.


So when I invite you to come to Eucharistic Adoration, remember

that I am Present - even if I am hidden in the Host.  Come, talk to ME.

I am truly Present!  And, any one can come to visit and talk with ME.


Remember, every day I come anew as the greatest Miracle to all the Catholic altars in the world!

As for Catholics, I invite each, who are in the state of grace, to receive ME so to become like ME,

helping to bring others to ME so that they can know My Love, and My forgiveness of all sins.

Thus, one becomes My Disciple. 


These Miracles remind everyone that I AM REAL!

I am with you now as I was 2,000 years ago.

I am in every Tabernacle in Catholic Churches all over the world.

If you cannot visit ME in a Church, take time and visit ME

in your heart or on-line.  I am always waiting to be with You and

to talk to You!  Ask Blessed Carlo to help you -

I want to be your Best Friend!


Now is the time that I am asking for your help in telling others about this devotion to My Holy FACE.

Below are some prayers that will help you and others to know about My Love and

Salvation and help in being My disciple, like Blessed Carlo.


Please take some time to pray and to look at My Holy FACE.

It would be good if you could visit ME in Church, especially each Sunday!

One day, you will see ME FACE to FACE!


Remember that I love you and desire to be your Best Friend!


Your Faithful Friend, JESUS”




And, who is Blessed Carlo Acutis?


We invite you to one of his websites:



(This is - JESUS' and our website for Bl. Carlo)

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