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Why Wait Until the Last Minute?

 Learn How To Live. Learn How To Die. Don’t Wait!

Why wait until the last minute?


The term “deadline,” I am told, is derived from the U.S. Civil War when captured soldiers were held in a stockade!  A rail was built 20 yards inside the outer wall and sharp-shooters were positioned in towers overlooking the stockade.  Soldiers were not allowed to cross beyond the railing.  If they crossed the “deadline” they would be shot.


Now deadlines are used as a time measurement tool to get things accomplished within a defined time limit.


But why do we wait for the last minute for anything, especially when it comes to life’s most important issues. We get caught up in the day to day hustle and bustle and lose sight of the end game and the mission-critical things.


So what is really, really important?


Learn how to live!  Learn how to die


If we start each day in deep contemplation of these two things…and start with the end in mind, we can make our life, and our death more complete, meaningful, and fulfilling.


Try to start each day in meditation and contemplation asking yourself, “if I get called home today:

-What will I cherish most?-What will I regret most?-What am I most thankful for?”


Answer these questions and you’ve learned how to die…you have just defined your deadline!  You’ve also defined how you should live!  So why wait until the last minute?

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