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What Is Truth? The Loaded Question!

What Is Truth?  It’s a loaded question.


It is the famous question of Pilate at the interrogation of Christ! John 18:38.


Most of us manufacture “our own” truth.


And treat it like a tool to make us comfortable and “fit it” to our personal bias, political ideas, religious beliefs, or lifestyle! 


We try to bend it, stretch it, massage it to make it convenient.


We keep feeding ourselves enough self-talk and outside reinforcement in an effort to bolster  “our own consummated version of truth” to the point of belief and conviction and “shut out” anything or anyone that dares to challenge our version of belief!


But to get the correct answer to any complex problem, we need to get to the core, to the heart of the matter and get the bias out of the equation. It mandates an open ear, compassionate listening, and empathy of others views and an honest assessment of how our version impacts others.


It requires courage, honesty, humility, and love!


If we can work up these tenets and accept truth for what it really is and live with the consequences, the world would be a better place.


“The Truth Will Set You Free.” John 8:32.


Have the courage to cut to the core of truth. When vulnerability is your greatest weapon.  And truth reigns supreme! What will you do to find the truth and will you share it with others who also seek it?

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