A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Urgent and Crisis Mode

Help Me Help Others! 

-Signed, A Prayer Warrior


Urgent And Crisis Mode!

Why is it the only time we tend to pray is when we have an urgent need or we are in crisis mode?


We should all carve out 15 minutes daily to talk to God, and spend time praying for a worthy cause outside our own.


We should carve out time to pray as a means of giving Thanks for the blessings that we already have.

We should pray to have God give us the grace to be better, and to help us improve our lives in ways that are suitable to him.


We ask God to help us understand his WILL for us today and work TODAY to accomplish what he intends.

We should pray for God to grant us mercy for our shortcomings and for those things we failed to do.

We should PRAY IT FORWARD for a worthy cause and for those in need!


We all work better as a group rather than operating in Silo’s, so we should make every effort to be involved in some type of communal prayer, starting with Mass.


We tend to wind up in urgent or in crisis mode when God is lost or brushed aside as an afterthought!  When the young Christ could not be found from the return trip from Jerusalem, Mary and Joseph retraced their steps and found Jesus in his fathers house!  When Christ is not present, or lost in our lives, then we should do the same, retrace our steps, back to what we learned early in life, and come back to the Father’s house.  When two or more are gathered in my name, there I am also!  The power of prayer is compounded when we gather in communal prayer, for a common cause, and when Christ is present.

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