A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

"If You're Too Big to Serve, You're Too Low to Lead"


“If You’re Too Big to Serve, You’re Too Low to Lead.” – Rich Wilkerson


Every day, we experience, and often fail to appreciate the service of others! Regardless of your state in life, a life of service is a Nobel cause and should be recognized. 



This is particularly important at the leadership level.  If we don’t have an attitude of servitude, we will never hope to engage those who we encounter throughout the day, whether it is our spouse, family, co-workers, people who report to us, etc.


True Leadership is servant leadership, and the best example comes from the master in the washing of the feet!


There is no hierarchy in a world of Love, there is no condescending attitudes in Servant Leaders!

Service is Love made visible!


Let’s be grateful for all who serve our needs and let us not hesitate to serve others through the perfect charity of our time, talent and treasure and of our divine love!


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