A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

There Are No Accidents

There are no accidents.


We have all heard in the face of tragedy how something was an accident, as a means of comforting someone who is suffering through a loss or pain.  But as hard as it may be to accept, each challenge or tragedy, or for that matter each joy or triumph is God’s will.  You see if you believe as I do, there are no “accidents.”


God has known from the beginning how our story ends.  Every hair on our heads has been counted.  While we have been given free will, so that we have the ability to choose our own path, our “all seeing and all knowing God” knows in advance where we will be in the end.  Each triumph or tragedy is a milestone or hurdle pre-chosen by God for our own spiritual and foundational growth to get us to find our way or get closer to Him!


So the reality of the situation is, that while we may feel like we have multiple choices on where we want to go in our own life journey, the only “real” choices we have are to:

-Give Thanks to God when times are good…and-Offer It Up to God during times of suffering and turmoil.

We should take time at the beginning and end of each day in reflection and in sincere Thanks for the blessings we have received, or in request of God’s grace through the sacrifices we have just made.  When we do this we are actually given yet another grace.  You see, when we do these things knowing it is all God’s will, then we do not spend precious time worrying about the past or what lies ahead in the future.  We do not spend precious time Gloating about our accomplishments, or dreaming in pride and vain glory about what the future holds! Instead we live this moment, in simple harmony with those loved ones and the people we encounter around us today, in the beauty of the world before us, and in praise and honor of the God who gives us both!




Morning Prayer

Oh my God, I adore you and love you with all my heart. Thank you for having created me, having saved me by your grace, and having preserved me through the night.I offer you my prayers, works, joys and sufferings of this day! Grant that they may be according to your will and for your greater glory. Keep me safe from sin and evil, and may your grace be with me always and with those I love. Amen.


Now, Go out and Make It A Great Day!

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