A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Melody of Life


Let’s Use Our Talents And Blessings To Love Each Other And Glorify God!

We all have a special gift or gifts given to us by God!


Gifts if used properly put us in perfect harmony with the Universe and with each other!


Those gifts give us joy and peace and create a symphony when done in unison with God!


Meditative Prayer helps us slow down so that we can first find peace and a process to gain unison with God!


When we prayerfully and simultaneously take that inner journey and outward reach to the heavens through peaceful prayer great and supernatural things start to transpire!


When God is at the forefront of our lives and our prayer life, all  things around us are appreciated more and we become aware of the earthly created gifts given us to assist us in understanding and tapping the God-given gifts we possess!


We become a beacon of God’s light to those around us, as we use our God given gifts to serve him and to serve others!


Start a daily prayer process to tap into your God given gifts where Joy and Peace can be found! It’s never too late to “unwrap” and tap into your God given Gifts so you can play your part  in the symphony of God’s universe!


Don’t die with the music in you!



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