A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Space Junk

 Information Buffet–All You Can Eat!


It is said that hundreds of millions of pieces of debris from prior space rocket and shuttle launches are floating around in space outside our atmosphere.  That’s a lot of clutter floating around out there!  So it is with the Information Age we live in.  Information is coming at us in waves and we can get answers to almost anything in an instant.  Yet how much of that information is valid and how much is really important is a whole different story.  Surely, we live in an age where the value of information has been reduced to zero but where the value of insight is priceless!



Consider that perhaps there are forces out there that are sending so much information at us to take up the space between our ears, so much noise and clutter being thrown at us and that it’s not to help us know more, but perhaps to make us forget!  Yes, to forget.  And to forget the things which are really important—the things we need to stay rooted.  We forget the experience wealth generated by blood and sweat of our ancestors–the spiritual wealth which has been handed down from generation to generation and to keep us grounded–to keep us rooted.



With so much informational junk consuming our time, our energy and our thoughts, how much space is left for…love…for family…for God!



Another dilemna we face with waves of informational space junk flying at us is that our listening skills get overwhelmed and we tend to tune out, get easily bored and distracted when we should be actively listening.  The only way to get around this is to carve out time to spend in the matters which mean the most.

Try making a practice of shutting off your cell phone, the radio, and the television during dinner and have some good dialog with your spouse and kids, actively listening to the sweet sound of family harmony which should never get lost in space!



Try making some quiet time to talk to God and actively listening to the sweet sound of silence when no words are said but communication is clear!  Experience an untouchable presence and wisdom beyond the stars!



No clutter…no debris!   Just pure love and adoration!!



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