A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Restoring You to Yourself

Find And Restore Yourself–Are You On A Clear Path And Headed Towards God?

Restoring You To Yourself:


Life has a way of messing with us and our senses.  We get caught up in the clutter and can quickly get dragged down by a barrage of bad news, bad behavior, bad attitudes, and bad content in movies, media, and social circles.  We seem to be living in a Godless society.


Is it any wonder we see so much hate, despair, selfishness, and indifference?  What happened to our moral code and moral compass?  How do we try to turn the tide and correct the path we walk?  Let’s start with some honest self-assessment!  Me first.


Remember:1.  Masks deceive myself and others.2.  I am not a product of circumstance.  I am a product of my own decisions.3.  Leadership is my choice that lies between stimulus and response!4.  When the root is sound, the fruit is abundant!5.  Grace is God’s divine assistance to help me realize my purpose and calling in life.


Then “Start, Stop and Keep:”1.  Start with the end in mind.  I know I wish to be with God when I leave this Earth and I know I need to start a daily process to get me there!2.  Stop doing anything that keeps me from being closer to God!3.  Keep my commitments, especially to myself!  Decide, whom do I serve? Now, how about you?


It is said that empathy is to understand someone emotionally and intellectually!  So here is the secret sauce for restoring you to yourself…Remember, we are all created in God’s image so see Christ in everyone you meet and be Christ to everyone you meet!


I gotta say, I like the new you already!!!

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