A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Pitch Perfect

Practice Your Pitch And Be Perfect In Christ! Roar!


As a singer, I am a bit envious of a few people I have met over the years as vocalists with perfect pitch.  That is, the ability to hit notes without any assistance from an instrument or from others!


It’s pretty amazing to always be in unison and perfect harmony and sing the sound from your root memory! Those people also have incredible voices as well so there is a magic and a godlike tonal quality that fills the air!  So it is when we are in unison and harmony with God! We become God’s voice and his hands and feet in unison with Him and the world that surrounds us, and it is amazing, even miraculous at times!


Like perfect pitch, we are born with the ability, but as with any talent or God Given gift it must be exercised and perfected through practice!


So it is with our God given gift within our own souls, we must make a practice to bring our souls in unison and harmony with God! That can only come with the practice of prayer and the sacraments!


Exercise these practices!


Now go out and Change The World!!

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