A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

If It Says "Pickles" on the Label, There Better Be Pickles In the Jar!

f It says “pickles” on the label, there better be pickles in the jar!


I have found that we as human beings do not always live what we profess, nor profess what we live!


I, like most people, have found myself jumping on my soap box about something I am passionate about or a philosophy I believe firmly in!


It is quite another to practice what I preach!


A thorough and frequent self examination and reflection is necessary therefore to make sure we start and stay on track!


St. Ignatious developed a process practitioners call “Ignation Conteplation” to conduct this self-assessment which requires a reflection usually at the beginning and the end of the day!


Here are some things to ponder during that critical quiet time of reflection:


-Seek Him in all things and failure will be impossible!

     -Do not let the weight of this world outshine the light that you carry within of Him in you and you in Him!

     -Say “yes” to Christ and let His heart beat eternally with your own!


We will struggle so who do you look to in the struggle?


He gave himself from birth to death so that all things were made new!


Everything is possible with God!


We listen, we follow, we trust, and we share the good news!


Faith is the Sound that Fills The Emptiness!!

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