A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Organic or Mechanic

Caution – Slippery Slope Ahead!

Organic or mechanic.


Do yourself a favor the next time you are at a busy airport.  Turn off your phone and electronic devices, put them in your bag or your pocket, and quietly observe everyone else!  Note how little social interaction you see despite it being one of the most crowded atmospheres we encounter!  Watch how mechanical people appear as they gaze into their devices and have very little movement beyond their thumbs or fingertips on the keyboard!


Those that are actively speaking are talking into these same mechanical devices!  An occasional word might be spoken to a spouse or significant other if they are with a traveling companion!  Watch how little interaction there is between parents and their children!


All this constant electronic stimuli is seriously undermining our ability to interact with others, to have the privilege to socially and soulfully interact with others, even with those we love!  We are compromising our ability to know, love, and understand at a core and very profound level!


All soul source interaction is a necessary and fundamental element to our ability to evolve as living spiritual beings!  We compromise that every time we tap or type on that phone! We dampen and undermine our children’s evolutionary need to be understood, to learn, to be nurtured and loved!  Every time we run to that phone or respond to that text, we prioritize!


Stay rooted and remember phones can’t laugh, can’t cry, can’t comfort and can’t love!


“Listen to the Word, understand knowledge, love life, and no one will persecute you and no one will oppress you other than yourselves.”  –Secret Book of St James

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