A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Never Try. Never Know.

My good friend, Alan, recently said something which stuck with me.  He said that he has always felt that, “if (he) can, (he) should.”  How often do we sit by the sidelines and act as an audience to watch and either comment or criticize about the way things are going, without making any effort, even a small one to change it?  How often do we sit in silent numbness to the tragedy we see and experience around us, without even doing something as simple, yet effective as a sincere prayer to change and turn back these horrific events!  (Considering this post, Alan harkened back to Pink Floyd’s classic, “On The Turning Away.”  Check it out:  YouTube Music Sample and Lyrics Sample.)

We are all capable of making a difference, and a collective and most profound effort is made through individual and communal prayer, especially during the mass!  We have become a society of instant gratification, so don’t expect prayers to be answered the moment they are requested.  But when we make the God connection through personal and communal prayer, incredible things happen!  We just forgot how important and powerful this common gift is! It is evident by the low turnout at most masses!


BTW, prayer isn’t the only way to make a difference!  You can always get off your derrière and get involved in a worthy cause, something that you are passionate about!  You will feel better, and see the immediate impact you have in action!


I commonly hear people comment, “I am only one person, what can I do?” “How can I change that outcome?”  My response – “Never try.  Never Know!”

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