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Memorable and Engaging!

All Together Now!

Memorable and Engaging.


Why I go to an organized worship service!


People often tell me that they feel no need to go to an organized mass or worship service to pray!  The argument, they say, is that we can pray anywhere.  In fact, they can get out in nature and pray, as an example, and pray in solitude with God!  I hear from them that mass is full of the hypocrites that come to church, only to be seen, then go out into the world and resort back to their own flawed and contentious ways.


My response is that you can listen to music anywhere you have an iPod or radio but it’s a much more memorable and engaging experience when you get free tickets to go to a rock concert of your favorite artist–especially when they are giving away CDs and a hat!


There is just no comparison to the communal impact when everyone is in harmonious resolve and connected to the music and the message and there is a spiritual union between the artist and the crowd!

While I applaud anyone who sings along to the iPod or Radio on their own and has that one on one experience, that “rock concert” experience can’t be replicated any other way!


And if you get there early, you can even get a front-row seat!!

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