A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Love All the Way

Trust in the Father in the face of adversity.  Trust in God’s divine providence and make an act of Love of our own free will to trust in His divine providence!

Pray for the ability to Love without attachment, to love unceasingly!


A forgiving love, a sacrificial love, as Christ did for us on the cross!


Love All The Way! One that doesn’t stop when things get rough, or when things don’t go as we planned. Love that doesn’t get diminished by tragedy, or uncertainty, or adversity.


Love that trusts and obeys God completely out of our own free will, and accepts the consequences! A total trust that God’s divine providence, His mercy and His grace, knows all, sees all, and loves all!


Love All The Way! No short cuts!


Love so powerful and profound, that even in your greatest suffering you can find it in you to forgive even your enemies! No Greater Love ever existed!


Love All The Way! Love All the Time!


Let’s live the First and Second commandments and let Love run through our veins!


Love All the Way!

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