A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Life Happened While You Were Away

Life happened while you were away.


While you are staring at the TV watching your favorite nighttime soap and the commercials about how 4 out every 3 doctors prefer this new pill the creates more symptoms than it cures, Life is happening out there and it’s slipping away.


Of course, no one knows how long we have on this earth,  but no gets out of here alive either, so don’t waste what precious little time and resources, on mundane things, glued to your TV or your IPAD!  Make something or Make something happen, that adds a layer of vitality and soul to God’s creation that is You!

So, when you finish that video game after dying nine deaths to get to the circle of superiority it tells you few have ever seen, what did you really accomplish other than great thumb dexterity, and a bladder that is ready to burst, because you couldn’t stop till you got to the next level?


Instead of text messaging your buddy on the other end of the couch, how about a conversation about something meaningful, like real human interaction and growth in wisdom and soul?


In the end, life happens to everybody, and it ends when it ends for everybody, so why waste it observing from the sidelines!  Do something right now to make you a better you, make others a better them, or make a point to be engaged in meaningful activities that accomplish both!

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