A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Keep the Lines of Communication Open


Ever heard the expression, “be sure to keep the lines of communication open”?  It is an expression usually used when trying to smooth things over in a troubled relationship.  It requires honest effort and active listening (open mind and open ears).


Usually good communication skills require you to repeat back what you hear as a means of demonstrating to the speaker that you are listening and to help the speaker further clarify what they are saying, and thus gain a clearer understanding between the parties.


Open communication works best when we give our best efforts not to judge or form opinions too quickly!  It is optimal when it is a time of reflection, not problem solving, which comes later, once all the “issues are on the table.”


Interestingly enough, prayer and meditation work much the same way! It is our opportunity to keep the lines of open communication with God!


Prayer should not be looked at as a ritual or a moral obligation! It should be looked at as a “gift.”  It is your chance to talk to God!   An opportunity to share and reflect on your deepest feelings and concerns, with the comfort of knowing that God is actively listening, and with a father’s love and mercy, he is not judging or condemning! God’s grace can get you through some of life’s most difficult times.  That’s when you know he has been actively listening!  We just have to keep the lines of communication open!

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