A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Karma and What Goes Around Comes Around

“What goes around comes around!”  “Karma’s a bitch.”  “They’ll get what they deserve.”  “He’ll get what’s coming to him.”  “That will come back and bite him some day!”


How many times have we heard these things or something similar?  We have all heard about a day of reckoning and karma squaring things up at life’s end.  Regardless of spiritual belief (or non-belief), it seems that we all have a common understanding and acceptance that one day we will be required to answer for our shortcomings and will “get what we deserve.”


Entertain me for a second here and assume that you suddenly found yourself all alone in the world, with nothing but your own conscience which revealed to you all of your lifetime triumphs and transgressions and the impact they had!  What would you be most truly sorry for?  What would you say?  What would you want to change most?  Last chance for the big dance and to get your karma flowing in the right direction!


Now, let’s assume you now have been given the grace to try to redeem yourself for those transgressions.  One last chance to right the wrongs.  What would you do first?  How would you change your life?  Now, what if you knew today that the day of reckoning was Oct. 12, 2016?  What would you do with your last four months of fame?  Would you reflect back in October seeking redemption or blame?

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