A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Just Wait 'Til Your Father Comes Home!


Mary Pleads That We Heed The Father and For The Father’s Mercy Upon Us. Oh, That We Would Do The First And Deserve The Second!




A father’s role in a household usually is to be the primary disciplinarian when children are unruly or disobedient. Mothers usually request her children to stop misbehaving, then plead for their cooperation and finally warn them sternly of their father’s punishment when he gets home and finds out how poorly they have been behaving.


No mother ever likes the idea of having to punish.  Surely, no loving parent does.  So mothers do their best to warn and encourage a turnaround so that the father doesn’t have to inflict “tough love” and just punishment for the betterment of the child.


June 24, 2016, marked the 35th anniversary of the start of the Blessed Virgin Mary’s DAILY apparitions in Medjugorje in Bosnia and Herzegovina.  The Blessed Mother originally appeared to six children in which she encouraged, pled, and yes, warned, mankind of the need to change…of the need to believe in and respect the Father.  ( secrets).  The Blessed Mother continues to determinedly appear and her message to the thousands who have since personally witnessed her has not changed.


The Blessed Mother continues to warn and encourage us to stop our selfish acts and come back to the Father.  She is asking us to take a “time out” in prayer, repentance, and Christian living to help heal ourselves and the world around us!


No father who loves their children will allow havoc to run amok for very long!  If we don’t heed the warnings and change our ways, some ‘tough love’ is coming!

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