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Are you trying to find Happiness or are you trying to Be the best version of Yourself?


Seek The Best Version Of Yourself!

Are you trying to find Happiness or are you trying to Be the best version of Yourself?



I have heard countless times, “I just want to be happy!”  If My spouse or significant other, could just do this or that, I could be happy!


I have two concerns here, one is the use of “I” and the lack of “We” in that dialog!  And the other is the external projection toward others to fulfill your happiness!


We also tend to confuse gratification with true happiness!  Be careful here, because instant gratification in a fast paced world is fleeting, and rarely brings true happiness!


We need to look internally first to be the best version of our own self to “create” a circle of happiness to those around us, and it will most certainly be reflected back to you. To be the best version of ourselves, we need to consciously work to help and serve others, looking out for their interests, especially those we care about most!


You need to have a “We” mindset.  And while you will not always agree, you need to be at least looking in the same direction.  This requires compromise that always works on a foundation of core values.  Those core values need three components:

1.  God;

2.  Family; and

3.  Relationships.


If we just stay rooted in Faith, Family, and the preservation of those relationships, no problem is to big to resolve, and you will always seek and find “true happiness.”  When faith and family are your core values, you will always be the best version of yourself, and it will always radiate to those around you!

So the next time you and a significant other start to take sides on an issue, just remember… there are no sides when God is in the Middle!

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