A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Grace Under Pressure

The Moment of Truth: Following Your Heart Or The Herd

Grace Under Pressure.


Great and Colossal things often start out in subtle and unintrusive ways!  They all seem to eventually have a defining moment, a moment of truth,when a decision has to be made that could turn the tide in one direction or another!  A decision that requires us to set aside what seems certain, and reach for what seems clear!  A time when we have to put aside what we know and trust, and make a decision on our innermost gut feeling that we know in our hearts to be true!


It’s called grace under pressure!  Tough decisions that defy reality, but can change the course of human history!


I think of Zachariah, who stands at the alter and the Angel Gabriel appears to tell him the good news of the birth of John the Baptist!  But Zachariah, a devout man, cannot believe what he hears and is struck mute, till John is born!


St. Joseph on the other hand, has just been given some unbelievable and very disturbing news about Mary’s pregnancy and has made a conscious decision to spare her certain death, by giving her a quiet divorce!  Joseph has a dream! The angel that appeared, tells Joseph things that could easily be written off as a vivid dream, but Joseph responds immediately to the message, takes Mary into his home and becomes the surrogate father and the history of mankind changes forever!  Grace under Pressure!  Having enough courage to act out boldly on what seems to be unbelievable information, received in a dream, no less!

Consider all the possibilities and then choose the life that is YOU!  And don’t rely only on what you can feel and touch in making the decision!


Now I think you can start to understand the miracle of meditative prayer.  Silent conversations with God as our source of strength, guidance, and grace!


Grace Under Pressure!


Matthew 1: 18-24.

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