A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Flash Paradise

Step Away From The Temporary. Step Up To The Extraordinary.


Be leery of the things which excite and engage your senses!


The allure of money, power possessions, sexual gratification!


You will know they are false if they are temporary, if they are not everlasting and if they compete with lasting and everlasting Joy and Peace!


Let me share a quick example! Always try to decide what transcends time! Things like the Love of an innocent child that you brought into the world! Or the touch of your soul mate! Those innermost feelings that cost nothing, are given freely, that are beyond anything the world has to offer, and are available to anyone at no cost!


Lasting Joy and Peace cannot be purchased!


Have the Humility to understand these timeless gifts!


They are at the core of our heart and soul and spirit and they will remain eternal!


Here is another example for the male readers -close your eyes and reflect back when one of your children was 2 or 3 years old and you are walking into the house from a long day at work and preoccupied, but as you enter the door and your wife blurts out with excitement and your infant child runs to meet you with a face lit up with joy and arms open and extended upward, you hear those precious words “Daddy’s Home”!!!!!


Their is your measuring stick!


Anything else will leave you wanting!

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