A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Flash Paradise

Better A Shack On A Rock Than A Castle In The Sand


Lately I seem to keep witnessing self-serving attitudes from people about their life, their relationships, and the things they tend to pursue.


Be careful what you wish for and what you compromise to get It!


This “Flash Paradise” you dream about, if you find it, will not last, will cause you countless sorrows, and compromise what you really value most! Love Ones are lost, relationships are damaged, and you may miss the chance at Eternal Paradise!


Protect your soul, and fight to stay right with God and Family!  Keep them first and stop chasing rainbows!  It will only keep you wanting!  Sorry folks, despite what you see on TV, there are no Hollywood endings!

But if you stay the course, stay humble, and give God His due, you will live an abundant life, in this world and the next!


Peace and Joy to You in this New Year and in the Next Life!  Stay Rooted!

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