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Finding Your Blind Spot

We Can’t Know What We Don’t See. What Are Our Optics?

There is a very cool online test to find your blind spot in each eye! I suggest you check this out sometime:



An awareness that you have a blind spot and compensating for it is so important that it is required for driving when changing lanes to avoid serious accidents or death!


When we don’t “shoulder check” to cover the blind spot we could side swipe another vehicle that is out of our peripheral vision! It involves “turning our head” in the direction we wish to turn to make sure no traffic is there but unseen!  How many times in our haste or without intention do we get “blind sided” by something we never saw coming!  Granted some tragedies happen that cannot be avoided, but situational awareness and turning your head in the direction you want to go can be a lifesaver at times!


Where is the blind spot in your spiritual life?? We all have one!  If you truly wish to turn back to God, or seek him as your destination then you should also anticipate through the same situational awareness any blindspot that needs to be overcome to get you where you want to go!


Blind spots are almost always close to you and often right next to you! Remember also it doesn’t take much to “derail” you from your path if you are “bumped” or side swiped from your left or your right!


Creating good “spiritual” driving habits is always the best way to avoid this danger! That involves knowing where you are going and turning your head and expanding your spiritual field of vision!


Using your rear view mirror is not enough! Turning your eyes to scripture is a great way to steer you in the right direction, and make sure you don’t crash and burn!

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