A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Feel Your Way

Connect Through Prayer!

Feel your way.


What we can’t touch we have to learn how to feel.


Why do we pray?  It’s to help us make connections beyond the physical senses.


I think it comes in many forms and processes, many cultures, but always with similar results.  It heightens and expands our ability to connect in a spiritual realm and to take the inner journey to the soul!


It allows us to experience physical and non-physical Gratitude better! To LOVE in a more powerful and intimate way, to demonstrate physically and emotionally things like mercy, to deepen the physical and emotional experience of giving, to allow us to remove fear and anger, and Find and experience PEACE!

Prayer allows us to experience through the spiritual connection with God, the true meaning of GRACE.

Prayer allows us to cleanse the soul, so that we can be light and love as God intended!


Prayer allows us to develop courage and humility, and allow us to experience the true and real Will of God in our daily lives!


Prayer allows us to heal ourselves and others from physical and emotional pain.


Prayer is the most powerful weapon the world has ever known and it’s right at your fingertips. The Blessed Mother says prayer can change the forces of nature.  It can stop wars.


She calls the rosary the chain that binds Satan.


Prayer also draws us closer to God. God is relentless in wanting and in helping us grow in faith and wants to draw us closer to him! Prayer is that connector.


Prayer is a Gift, And it’s the gift that keeps on giving!



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