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Extreme Grandparenting


Extreme Grandparenting.



I want to introduce you to the Latest Fitness fad for Boomers.


My wife and I have 5 grandaughters ages 4 to 11 months.


Welcome to the world of Extreme Grandparenting.


You have to manage everything from the crawlers and the cupboard cleaners to the tricycle terrors.

You have to be able to manage a maze that includes everything from toys and trikes to pots and pans!

Broken items and spills are just part of the course hurdles!


You need the Patience of a saint, eyes behind the back of your head, a high tolerance for pain, and ninja skills.


I knew my wife had a high tolerance for pain (after all she has been married to me for 38 plus years) but I recently realized my wife has ninja skills.


She has really refined her cat like reflexes and she can see around corners. It’s amazing.


She knows when the noise stops and things gets suddenly quiet, there is trouble brewing, and she is likely going on a seek and destroy mission.


One of the most challenging maneuvers in extreme grandparenting is the one I call the Squirrelly girl!


It’s the one where they absolutely wont sit still, while you are trying to take care of the serious business of a dirty diaper – Yes folks, this redefines “The Tough Mudder.”


Then there’s the grandchild gauntlet – Taking on 5 flaming fireballs of Love, SOLO.


You have to have Raw Courage for this one folks!


I call them fireballs because you never stop putting out fires and you know there is going to be at least one “meltdown.”


I know when my wife has had a really rough day when she had to break out the Holy Water.

You feel like a fast food restaurant – they never stop eating –  Seriously I cant figure out where they put it.

You have to “bring it” every day and and be prepared to work on “skill development” for the sport of Extreme Grandparenting.


Most of all you have to have Love For the Game!


Some of the rewards are that you are naturally more patient, because you already lived through how quickly your own children grew up. You get to Re-live raising your own children, when you see the physical features, similarities, and mannerisms they each have from their parents.


You get to discover the unique personalities they have.


But most of all you get to help build character that is built on a foundation of Love!


A Love that only us Grandparents can give because of the experience wealth and the spiritual wealth that we have developed.


We have been truly blessed that all our grandchildren are close enough to touch, and together often enough to play with each other.


Some of you other grandparents are doing the Cross country course of Extreme Grandparenting! I wish you all bigger retirement checks, safe travel and bonus frequent flyer miles!


Extreme Grandparenting is a challenging and demanding sport. “God doesn’t give us more than we can handle,” according to Mother Theresa! The she said, “I just wish he wouldn’t trust me so much!”


That’s when I realize, “hey, those 5 could have all been boys!!!”

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