A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Direct Encounter

Reach Out And Connect!

Direct Encounter.


We live a life filled with e-mail, Facebook, texting, phone calls and Twitter but the human interaction is conspicuously absent!


While information and contact can be “spread” to a larger audience and done faster, some things are irreplaceable and available only through human interaction!


Real “Joy” and expressions of love do not have the same impact unless it is experienced in person!

An introduction is best experienced with a handshake and a smile!


“Listening” has a much deeper impact when you listen as intently with the sincerity in your eyes as much as with your ears.


An invitation spoken with warmth and sincerity in your facial expression as well as the tone in your voice has deeper impact!


Kindness, generosity, and compassion are always best demonstrated in person!


NOTHING can replace a warm embrace!


Forgiveness works best when we show in person our sincerity and our vulnerability!


Love is best expressed with all the senses that only the direct encounter of human interaction can bring!

Make time to make a direct connection with those we care about most, and with those that need deeper human interaction!


After All, Life is a contact sport!


And don’t forget about your spiritual connection with God that only prayer and meditation brings! Peace, solitude, Joy, and Grace can’t be as deeply expressed and experienced any other way!  Talk about A Direct Encounter!!

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