A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Creating A Movement

Great Things. Small Beginnings.

All large lasting Change comes from small beginnings!

All large lasting change comes from persistent effort…from relentless pursuit of a cause!

All large lasting change takes on a life of its own…inspired by something bigger than ourselves!

All large lasting change speaks to the heart, fills the soul, and ignites the spirit!

All large and lasting change with a few key words reinvigorates and revitalizes our determination!

“I had a dream.”

“Love One Another.”

Every large and lasting change and worthy cause gives us insights on how to re-charge, re-energize and re-in force our spirit and our hearts to stay rooted and to stay focused!

“Do this is memory of me.”

No cause is more noble or worthy than the salvation of our souls!

You can’t do it alone!

It’s time to stay rooted, align with others who share the same noble and worthy cause to keep you focused and on track no matter how rough the road gets!

Unite with a communion of angels and saints and build a foundation and ground swell of large lasting change, an “eternal” lasting change!

There is no better place than in the Christian fellowship and communal bond of the mass ritual to make that happen!

Remember, it’s the soul you’re fighting for!

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