A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

The Measure of Love  

How can we measure the depth of God’s love?  
How can we fathom to what lengths he will go to for our salvation?  
Can we ever truly realize the capacity of his grace and the Power and purity of his Divine Love?  
Can we ever fully acknowledge the heights to which we are now capable of climbing after being lifted by the cross and his Christ, our Divine Savior?  
The outstretched arms of our Lord Jesus on the cross point to both Horizons, and his Cross has elevated us from the earth below!  
The outstretched arms of Christ crucified have become the wings to freedom and the Spirit which he commended to the Father is now in us through prayers and God’s Grace to lift us to the heights of heaven!  

Can you contemplate what unmeasurable grace of Heroic Patience is required to stand at the foot of the cross, witness your son, crushed and crucified, his face almost unrecognizable from the blows, nailed to a cross, and silently and quietly pray for death?  

The Intercessory prayers of Our Lady brought Simon of Cyrene, and cut the length of agony through her spiritual martyrdom by a Sword of Sorrow!  

The Unity Prayer is Jesus and Mary and their bond and blessings of Love and Grace.
It is the prayer the Holy Family prays daily.  

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