A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Keep Perspective!  



Don’t lose the simplicity of who you are and where you are!  
You are a child of God.  
You are in this world but not of this world.  
We are born to unite with God.  
To know love and serve him.  
Therefore we must constantly seek him.  
We must constantly speak to him.  
We must constantly reverence him.  
We must ask!  
We must accept!  
We must offer up always in Thanksgiving whatever graces and whatever sacrifice.  
Because “Father knows Best”!  
We must trust.  
We must surrender to his will.   .
We must love
the way Our Lord did.  

“Always we begin anew” St Benedict  
It is beneath our dignity as sons and daughters of Christ to sin and to be complicit with sin!  
Always we begin anew as sons and daughters of the God who made us,  

  because he is the God  who made us!  
He is our God and we are his people!  
"Always we begin anew! "

Resolve to manifest through a peaceful, joyful and a humble heart!!  

It is the precious blood of Christ
The oil of Gladness
And the Spirit of humility that is Mary
That becomes the fuel for the Flame of Love in the Holy temple!  

Retain power over your lower faculties so that your Spirit remains at rest.  
Exercise you’re control and authority over the Spirits that wish to control you through them.  
The demon alcohol when left unchecked will consume you and in some, take complete control!

The Warrior Soul knows the enemy and his tactics, so that with humility which is Mary, our Queen and with the Cross of Our Christ, our King, we can remain in simplicity, purity and prayer! This is how the demon of Pride, which is Satan will be destroyed! We cling to the rock of humility, the living stones of his church and he will divide and destroy the kingdom of darkness and with her heel she will crush the head of the demon! Cling now to the rock of humility and stand in the light of Christ! Be the rock of humility which is the heel of the Virgin that will crush the demons head!

Ask for strength
Ask for gifts and for grace
But always ask
You cannot give to others what you do not have
Therefore constantly shed yourselves of the vices and strongholds that are of the evil one
Constancy in seeking the gifts and graces is essential to spiritual growth
You cannot give to others what you do not have
Empty yourself so that you may be filled and so you can pour the Spiritual graces out like a libation to others
And be a cheerful giver
God loves a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:6-7)
Empty yourself with a smile
Let your joy and sacrifices be contagious
This is how we conquer evil
It is with Joy and Peace and Love

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