A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Silent But Deadly​ 


Let your justice yield to your mercy.  
Forgive them Father,  
They know not what they do.  
Mercy and graces abound in these times!  
The restrainer will be lifted and justice will be served.  
Be willful bearers of suffering as a worthy sacrifice for salvation of Souls.  
Offer up your pain so that mercy will dominate justice and the hand of wrath is secured, the demons head is crushed and the tongue of the viper is cut out!  
The self created fiery lake of the dragon will become the dwelling place of the false prophet and the Antichrist.  
Stand in truth and in the love of Christ, you remnant, and witness the power of God’s mercy and his justice!  
He will protect you and your souls from perdition!  
The vipers tongue is seductive but it’s bite is deadly!  
Discern carefully my word written and the teachings of the gospels.  
All things manifest and Pride cannot restrain itself.  
Love seeks unity and serenity even in suffering.  
Christ Jesus is the only way, truth, and the life!  
There is no other imitation!  

Woe to you who corrupt innocence!  
Who soil the treasury of a child’s heart!  
Woe to you complicit with the unnatural!  
You Shepard’s and teachers of the flock who infuse unnatural ideas instead of supernatural grace!  
Woe to you!  
Woe to you who destroy innocence from the womb and entice and coerce young, would be, mothers in the Spirit of Death!  

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