A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

 Our Lady of All Nations  

 Excerpt's From   

Apparition of May 31, 1955  

Fifty-First Apparition, May 31, 1955  



" ...Satan is not banished yet. ' The Lady of All Nations ' is now permitted to come in order to banish Satan. She comes to announce the Holy Spirit. The Holy spirit will only now descend over this earth. But you should say my prayer, the one I gave to the world. Every day and every moment you should think of the prayer ' the Lady of All Nations ' gave to this world at this time.


"You do not know what great value and power this prayer boasts before God!


He will grant the requests of His Mother, when She comes to plead for you as Advocate.


" Great events are impending...This will be a time of stupendous and awesome inventions; so that even your pastors will stand amazed and will tell you: we too are at our wits' end. Then take to heart the words the Lady spoke to you on May 31st. The Father knows, and permits, all that will come and pass in the world.  


" Know well that the Holy Spirit is nearer than ever. The Holy Spirit will come now only, if you pray for His coming. He has always been ready; now, however, the time has come.  


Why do you not ask the Holy Father to pronounce the dogma the Lady demands?...Once the dogma has been pronounced, ' the Lady of All Nations ' will give Her blessing... Then ' the Lady of All Nations ' will bestow peace. She will help you when this dogma is proclaimed.  


Nations be mindful of the Daily Miracle given to you by the Lord Jesus Christ. He gave it (the Sacrifice of the Mass) to you, so that you might expierence it every day. Do you realize what it is you are going without?...Bring your children back to the Sacrifice. Let all nations come back to the Sacrifice!


When you begin to ask the Holy Father for the dogma, the Lady will fulfill Her promise and true peace will come. True Peace, nations, that is the kingdom of God. God's kindom now is nearer than ever. Understand these words well.  


"...You members of the Church of Rome, appreciate your great, your own great happiness. Realize what it means to belong to the Church of Rome! Do your actions bear this out? Your Mother, ' the Lady of All Nations,' may come to you once a year under this new title; later this will change. Understand my words well when I say: make sure that every year the nations will be assembled around this throne, before this picture. This is the great favor that Mary, ' Miriam ' or ' the Lady of All Nations ' is allowed to bestow on the world.  


Satan is not banished yet - it is for you to see to that, you people of the Church of Rome. Remember your Sacraments; they still exist! You Christian people, by your example bring others to Him, to the daily Miracle, to the daily Sacrifice...the Holy Spirit will help you. Implore Him now. I cannot repeat this often enough to the world: HAVE RECOURSE TO THE HOLY SPIRIT NOW. ( The Lady said this very slowly, stressing every word )..." ' My signs,' - I said ' are inherent in my words.' "  

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