A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

God Will Sit In the Splendor of His Sanctuary  


God will sit in the splendor of his sanctuary!  
First it was Eden!  
Then the Earthly temple of Moses, David and Solomon.  
Finally he will sit in the splendor of the temple of our hearts!  
And Eden will be recreated!  
The chastisement of Adam has ended and the faithful of his seed will recreate Eden with Christ as it’s King and Mary as his Queen and we will see peace on Earth and good will toward men for a thousand years!  

You are chosen sacred Seeds and first fruits of the Eucharist Reign.  
Live into your vocation now!  
This eternal now of the beginning of the new reign of our glorified God and our Eucharistic King.  
Let the Spirit of the Lord consume you and make it a worthy dwelling place for the Eucharistic Christ to take his rightful place on the throne of our hearts!!  

The Eucharistic Reign begins Now!!!  
Let the light of Christ, pierce the darkness and set fear and terror among our enemies!  

No darkness can hide the piecing luminous light of the Father and the Flame of Love of Christ the King!  
Let the Power of the Holy Spirit carry this Flame of Love  to burn hate back to the netherworld from which it came!  
Open your eyes child and let the light of Christ consume you!  
You are the sacred seeds and the first fruits and you have been chosen and planted in the sacred garden of the Immaculate Heart of Mary, gently nurtured in this safe refuge!  

By her gentle and firm hand you will overpower the weeds of hate and rage that surround you!  Touched by the blood of the lamb, nurtured in the heart of Mary, enriched with the luminous rays of God’s glorious light, the seeds of your seeds will spread with the winds of the Holy Spirit and Eden will be recreated!  
On Earth as it is in heaven! 

 With Christ as Our King and Mary as our Queen!  

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