A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Forgiveness from the Heart!     


Our Lord Speaks:  
"A great ceremonial awaits those who elevate themselves by lowering themselves, by humbling themselves.  
Those who strive to love as I have loved.  
A love so strong as to forgive your worst enemy at your worst moment!  
Forgiveness from the Heart is Power beyond comprehension!  
It purges and cleanses the soul so as to receive the fullness of my grace!  
It is a moment when your humanity reaches my divinity.  
Do not fear for a moment that this type of forgiveness is beyond your reach!  
I can forgive for you as I and my Cross have carried you before and will carry you again! Seek me in uniting with you to forgive others. 

 You will never bear more than you can carry! 

 My yoke is easy and my burden light for those who strive for spiritual greatness!  
I will be your healing balm for the deepest wounds and your greatest sins!  
My mercy can never be outdone!  
Therefore, do not let the evil one convince you EVER, that your sin is too great for my mercy!  
Forgive yourself! 

 I have freed the most egregious sins! 

 You are no exception! 

 Seek the confessional for the beautiful sacramental grace my passion and suffering gives you!  
Absolution awaits the repentant sinner! 

 Those who seek this grace often are twice blessed when they receive me in the Eucharist while in a state of grace!  
O child of God, do you not see the beauty, the supernatural beauty and grace of receiving the fullness of this sacrament in a pure state of grace?  
The priesthood of your baptism into the royal family of Spirit and grace, of peace and joy can be yours, even in the most difficult circumstances!  
Serenity and peace in your heart! 

 Peace be with you, my peace I give you!  
Look around you and witness all the struggle in marriage, family, communities! 

 This is what manifests and what remains when my peace is absent. 

 When unforgiveness and fear dominate your hearts!  
All thoughts, words and deeds become dead faith!  
Seek and you shall find!  
Ask and you will receive!  
You shall find me and receive me in every Eucharistic feast, and in every Eucharistic Adoration!    
You will receive forgiveness and absolution every time you seek me in the sacrament of reconciliation!  
I have never left you!  
Come home!  
My Fathers house has the ceremonial graces that you seek! 

 Know and receive all that your Catholic Faith gives you! 

 You still remain My One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Faith, handed down 2000 yrs!  
Grace, to all who seek it!"  


Luke 11:9-13 (DR)

 "And I say to you:

Ask, and it shall be given you:

seek, and you shall find:

knock, and it shall be opened to you.

For every one that asketh receiveth:

and he that seeketh findeth:

and to him that knocketh it shall be opened:

And which of you, if he ask his father bread, will he give him a stone?

Or a fish, will he for a fish give him a serpent?

Or if he shall ask an egg, will he reach him a scorpion?

If you then, being evil, know how to give good gifts to your children, how much more will your Father from heaven give the good Spirit to them that ask him?"







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