A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Turn Your Pain to Prayer 


Turn your pain to prayer!  
Pick up your cross daily and follow me!  
Turn your pain to prayer!  
This is redemptive suffering.  
The most efficacious prayer!  
Take all your anxiety, all your wounds,  
All your hardships, 
Offer them up as a prayerful sacrificial offering to appease God’s wrath.  
As you worthily share in the Cross of Christ.  
In your great suffering, take the torment and turn it into a prayerful sacrifice!  
“Father, I offer up these wounds I bear, my heavy heart, all my torment, my sins, my broken and struggling  relationships as a prayerful sacrificial offering, as my share of the cross of Christ, my King!  
Father, let this pain, guilt and shame, be a worthy sin offering to appease your anger,  

and to relieve the great suffering of Our Lord!  
Let reparation and repentance be United now to become worthy of your mercy and grace, 

 and a sin offering for others!  
Father, forgive them, they know not what they do!  
Father, let this suffering become prayers for those who can no longer pray for themselves,  

especially those deeply afflicted by the demon, and the souls in purgatory!  
Thank you Father for hearing my prayer!  

What separates torment and fear from redemptive suffering and the most efficacious prayer of reparation is “Attitude”
It is surrender and trust!  
It is docility to know that all is a work of God and that all that is given us is allowed by God  

to bring us closer to God!  
When we fully grasp this fundamental truth, our faith is no longer faith!  
It is complete trust in God’s plan and we are left each day with either giving praise and glory for the gifts, 

 or offer up our sufferings as a prayerful sacrifice!  
Each day then becomes a gift and a grace with the right attitude,   
With our own act of the Will surrendered in docility to the Divine Will of the Father!  
All is to assist us in uniting to him, to imitate Christ more fully, to serve and to teach others!  
All for the glory, honor, and obedience to God!   

This is love given, this is love in return!  
An Attitude of humble acceptance!  
Of Trust!  
Of Surrender of the Will to the Divine Will of the Father!  
It is Docility!  
Turn your pain to prayer!  
An offering of love!  

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