A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

We Are But A Blade of Grass 


​We are but a blade of grass.  
It’s span is but a short time and it is but a 1/2 note in God’s grand symphony!    
We are but a small spark, a fleeting glimmer of light!  
Yet this one blade can mature, bear seed and reproduce itself into a meadow to demonstrate the glory of God, it’s creator.  
A simple spark, can ignite a fire that can warm hearts, and turn back darkness, it can become the flame of love in a Lampstand and allow all in the dwelling place to see!  
We are but a simple soul that yearns to unite with it’s creator.  
We are word made flesh from the the book of life, created in God’s own image, and chosen, to be a simple reflection of Christ our creator! 

 And it was good! 
We are invited to seek and be Christlike in our thought word and deed!  
We are love!  
A simple spark of love, created in the image of God and invited to live out our days and pour out grace to others as Christ did for us!  
In love and humility, therefore, pick up your cross daily and follow me, says the Lord!  

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