A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Two Hearts, One Cross  


​Mary “exulted” at the foot of the cross, because despite the horror she witnessed with her eyes and the sword of sorrow which pierced her heart, her soul exulted in this final victory over Satan. 

Her son was becoming victorious in defeating death and sin for those that seek him!  

Victory was close at hand and everlasting life was becoming a reality through perfect charity!  
So Mary in complete obedience to God, and perfect charity of love to her son, bears witness, through her own spiritual martyrdom as she offers up her own suffering in prayerful exultation to God in this sacrificial offering of the spotless lamb and of the Immaculate Heart of his Mother.  
Two hearts obediently yield to the Divine Will of the Father in this Sacrificial act, and her soul “doth magnify the Lord” in both Power and Glory!
Our Lord is raised up on the cross and Mary’s soul is lifted up in exultation through her prayerful offering of her own pierced heart by her redemptive suffering!
Do you truly understand redemptive suffering now and it’s power?
Can you fathom now the true meaning of Intercessory prayer?
“My soul doth magnify the Lord, and all nations will call me Blessed!”

Our Lord was lifted up on the cross as a perfect sacrificial offering and the arc of his covenant who is Mary prayed in exultation at the foot of that cross!
The cross is an instrument of execution but it represents life! The vertical bar connects us to God the vertical bar to one another! In the connecting center of that cross is the heart and the head of Jesus. But at the foot of the cross is the arc of his covenant which is Mary, which connects heaven and earth through her Immaculate Conception, her humble obedience and her spiritual martyrdom.

The world is about to change in ways most people cannot even fathom! Peaceful silent exultation will turn torment into redemptive suffering and will turn your suffering into the most efficacious prayer as you take on and bear your cross for Christ!
“For my yoke is easy and my burden Light” “pick up your cross and follow me!” Mother Mary walks with you and has prepared you! Your Intercessory prayer has found new meaning, more power, in the fullness and for the glory of our God! Exult, in your suffering! The victory and the finish line is close at hand. Christ Our King is with us, and will soon reign “on earth as it is in heaven!”

Turn your torment into prayerful redemptive suffering, in love and in exultation!
This is Divine Love  This is perfect charity!

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