A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Superspreaders of Faith    


​There will be an outbreak of sepsis cases and related deaths  
Both the Covid and shots are bioweapons  
The enemies have a militaristic plan driven by fear, greed, power, and threats and spoon fed by the media and shoved down our throats by this who seat themselves in seats of authority within and outside our country  
And then there are the silent ones! Those in our church who are participating by there silence, complicit with evil by their failure to teach and protect church doctrine, to stand in truth and be the voice for the poor, the widowed, the orphans and the suffering of the flock! They allow the sheep to be scattered by wolves and wolves in sheep’s clothing! Woe to you!
There will be a financial and economic collapse of biblical proportions
Money is the root of all evil, and the very idol, the idol of mammon that many cling to will become the chastisement!
We cannot print money into infinity! The Divided Kingdom of clay and iron will not stand together long and all will crash when the living stone of the church, the remnant body of Christ’s church is hurled upon it!
Christ the King who is the corner stone and the stumbling block for this divided kingdom will claim his kingdom his everlasting Kingdom that will rise up in the glory of God the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit. On earth as it is in heaven!

The evil one comes only to slaughter, steal, and destroy
They have stolen most all the global wealth, conned people into become billionaires of funny money, positions of power, which will crumble as they are prosecuted

You will either be persecuted or prosecuted! Stand in truth, accept persecution as it is only temporary! Preserve your souls! Those who have sold their souls will be twice dead! Prosecuted in this lifetime and persecuted throughout eternity in the flames of hell!
Convert you oppressors and preserve your souls! Repent, and return to the light of Christ so that you may overcome the darkness that surrounds you!

Complete trust, conviction to Christ and Divine Love which is the perfect charity of Christ on the Cross
Be the Overcomer -
Rely on the word of God which never comes back to him void
Book Revelation and Book of Zacharia for his remnant
Take refuge in the Immaculate Heart of Mary, our Mother, our greatest Intercessor, and the one who will crush the demons head
Let Go
Our Lord is with us! He has never left us!
Ignite the Flame of Love and the Power of the Holy Spirit
Be the superspreaders of faith and the healing Power of Christ Jesus and His Name
Rise up remnant
This is our time
The battle is for souls
Hold your ground
Take back the lost and wondering souls, those scattered and tattered souls, and those that have fallen asleep and are awakened
Be the light of the world you Apostles of Light.
Awaken those who grovel in darkness and those who have dead faith!

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