A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Prayer to My Guardian Angel

Oh Guardian Angel, I ask for God’s grace and blessings to be poured out to you so that you will assist me more in accomplishing his Divine Will!  

Enlighten and enrich my thoughts so they are always pure, my reason sound, my discernment true, and my acknowledgment of mission ever rooted in docility, truth, obedience and love!  

Be clarity in my vision so that I may seek God always and avoid the snares of the devil!  

Keep me rooted in faith, so that my trust is complete, and my conviction to Christ is unyielding!  


Pray, Oh Guardian Angel, that my courage and humility will yield the fruits of Perfect Charity, the Divine Love of the Triune God and of the Holy Family!

Oh Guardian Angel, invigorate the Flame of Love in my heart and truth and purity in my soul, so that I can be a reflection of the electrum and the Fire of my God who sits on the throne!  

Oh Guardian Angel, give me guidance to imitate Christ, in purity, in mercy, and in love!


Let me be the purity, simplicity, and innocence of love!


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