A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

​Attention Span  


​Who is vying for your ever shortened attention span?  
Are you a hamster in the wheel?   
Are you taking serious steps to enlighten and enrich the soul to unite it to it’s maker?   
Or did the dog chase it’s tail or did you let the tail wag the dog?   
Did you progress in your peace, or regress into the noise?  
Did you cling to control?  
Did fear slip in, or did you surrender your will to the Father and trust?  
Did you take on the world or did you lift your hearts and spirits to God’s direction and let the world and the events of the day come to you?  
“On Earth as it is in heaven” must start in your heart.  
A peaceful heart will yield the mind of righteousness and the spirit of truth and the power of love of God and neighbor!  
Fear cannot dwell there, anxiety cannot dwell there, anger has no place there.   
The Indwelling Spirit resides in an ever peaceful  heart!  

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