A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

God is a God of Order

​ God is a God of Order  

Phenomenon's of Our Time  
Where is the bee, the butterfly and the frog?  
Why are we getting more storms and why are they more severe than ever before?  
Why are new bugs and diseases cropping up out of nowhere?  
Why do we have a bacteria so powerful it eats flesh and no antibiotic is strong enough to kill it?  
Why is there so much hate and division like no other time in history?  
Why are more Christians murdered and persecuted than any other time in history?  
Why do 3% of the people control 90% of worlds wealth?  
Why have more abortion casualty deaths occurred at the request of the parents or through the force of a government (China) in the last 50 yrs than in all World Wars since the time of Christ?  
Our Lady says in the Marian Movement of Priests Blue Book that sinfulness is 1000 times worse than the time of the flood!  
The question should be asked,,, why does God hold back his hand?  
Because the spirit of God is in each one of us, when we fall from God, fall asleep in faith and freely choose not to try to unite with him in prayer, adoration, and repentance then we are only left to Satan and the results are what we live with!  
When God is absent Satan takes his place, and through our sinful nature, we effect the very forces of nature!  

Humanity has never grasped the world of the supernatural that is at our very fingertips!   The blessed mother says that prayers can change the very forces of nature, we can stop wars!  
Collective communal prayer is the greatest force the world has ever known!  

Communal prayer, can, in a very powerful way effect the very forces of nature! 

 We unite with each other and we unite with the unseen forces of the angels and saints in prayerful acts of love, praise, glorification to God and in prayerful requests!  
The mass prayer ritual is the most powerful prayer ritual in that the priest calls God down to the altar in the very real presence in the Eucharist to be consumed as a means to strengthen and heal us and to help us further unite with God!  
We need to truly understand and respect with humility the Godly presence and the Godly gift he has given the world!  
We are ignorant or oblivious to what we give up through that sacred gift!  
We have the greatest weapon, the greatest gift, the unbelievable opportunity to tap The supernatural elements!  
Unite with God and start to reap the Godly gifts and exercise the power we hold in our own hands.  
Prayer is the greatest gift we can ever

give or receive!
We need to pray and worry in the right order.
God’s order.  
God’s order of Unity, Peace, and Love.  
The supernatural order of God’s grace
Peace and Order come when through an orderly prayer process we seek and Unite with the Father.  
They will hate no more when they ignore no more!  



1Corinthians 14:33

"For God is not a God of disorder but of peace- as in all the congregations of the Lord's people."

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