A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

"Prepare Yourself"  

Our Lord Speaks   


Our Lord Speaks:
“The young have been indoctrinated into the world of Satanism. 

 Therefore, I will reign fire upon the world, so that all will know the fallacy of their ways and that I alone, am the Lord and God of all nations.”  

Our Lord Speaks:

"Love in a way the Father Loves his child, so that no harm comes to him! 

 The Father who loves so much as to discipline when the children have gone astray! 

 My children have strayed far from me! 

 Many do not know me! 

 You have failed to teach your children, a grave error, and therefore I must take corrective measures, painful measures! 

 Prepare yourself for my coming wrath. 

 Stand true in your faith. 

 Warn others, lead others, cleanse all from the stain of their sin. 

 Destroy the false idols which have consumed the thoughts and actions of many! 

 Prepare yourself! 

 The time of my mercy has transformed into the time of my justice! 

 Prepare yourself!


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