A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Light of Glory!  



Let the glory of the Lord shine forth!  

Let grace abound through God, my savior!  

Let peace flow through my veins,  

And love permeate through all the cosmos.  

Darkness has given way to light,    

and sin to sacrifice!  

The Lord is risen and those who walk in the light 

 shall know the glory of Our God for all time!  



Isaia 60:19-22 (DR)

Thou shalt no more have the sun for thy light by day, 

neither shall the brightness of the moon enlighten thee: 

 but the Lord shall be unto thee for an everlasting light,   

and thy God for thy glory. 

Thy sun shall go down no more,   

and thy moon shall not decrease: 

for the Lord shall be unto thee for an everlasting light, 

and the days of thy mourning shall be ended. 

And thy people shall be all just, 

they shall inherit the land for ever, 

the branch of my planting, 

the work of my hand to glorify me.

The least shall become a thousand, 

 and a little one a most strong nation: 

 I the Lord will suddenly do this thing in its time.”



2 Corinthians 3:17-18 (DR)

Now the Lord is the spirit;   

and where the spirit of the Lord is,   

there is freedom.   

But we all, with faces unveiled, 

reflecting as in a mirror, 

the glory of the Lord,   

are being transformed into his very image, 

 from glory to glory, 

as the spirit of the Lord.”




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