A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Ripple Effect

Ripple Effect  

Infinite Power flows from those that are meek, poor in spirit and just.   The ripple effect of their Love flows in both the vertical and horizontal dimension!  

Vertical by storming the Heavens in humble prayer and adoration, and horizontally in Loving prayer and actions to help and guide their fellow man!  

The Flame of Love of the Holy Spirit inspires the meek and the humble so that the Holy Spirit fans the Flames like wildfire to reach broad distances and great heights! Heights that touch the heart of God!

The meek and the just recognize that it is Christ Crucified in his ultimate act of Love where he pours out blood and water that ripple down his side for the salvation of humanity! The ripple effect of a Love so deep, a complete emptying of oneself in self sacrifice for others!

The ripple effect by our own imitation of Love, Obedience, and humility to give all and in so doing, spread that Flame of Love whether it be a candle or a torch for the Glory of God and for the help of another. 


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