A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Dead Reckoning!  



We will be separated from all the worldly attachments!  

It will be a time for dead reckoning! 

Fear is the first rotten fruit from the fall!  

Your inner voice from heaven will ask the humble and repentant heart, 

 the words that God asked Adam “where are you?”  

It is the spiritual disconnect from the Father,   

once present, but now absent!  

It is the inner man, 

 the Divine Voice, 

 that calls to you,    

 the time for dead reckoning with your own spiritual reality!  

There is a disconnect!   

A fracture in the relationship to God that has to have reparation!  

Adam says to God, “I was afraid”  

Fear and doubt are the weapons of choice to the enemy, 

 that creates and sustains the separation from God!  

The demons of discord militates against 

 patience and trust with doubt and fear!  

Be the overcomer with a humble and repentant heart!  

Seek boldly the sacramental gifts of reconciliation, 

 and restore and revitalize the foundations of life, 

 in the Divine unity with Our Almighty God and Father!  

It is a sincere and contrite confession!  

It is prayer and fasting!  

It is alms giving!  

It is the Mass and the Eucharist!  

There is no other path!  

Family and Faith are the foundations of the church!  

Both must be restored and rebuilt!  

We will be separated from all worldly attachments, 

 until there is nothing left, 

 but Jesus Christ!

And then you will have everything!  

“I am the way, the truth, and the Life” says the Lord!  

Deny this truth, and the day will come when you will be haunted by it!  

“Without me, you can do nothing!”  says the Lord!  

Repair the fractured relationship with the Father, 

 through Jesus Christ on the Cross and the Sacramental gifts!  

It is a time of dead reckoning!   

A time to seek out only with the compass of your eyes of faith, 

 your own last end and the end of those you hold dear!  


 Isaiah 10:3 (RSV)

"What will you do on the day of punishment,
    in the storm which will come from afar?
To whom will you flee for help,
    and where will you leave your wealth?"

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