A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

My Battle!  




Our Lady Speaks:​  

When darkness is at it’s pitch,    

even the smallest flicker of light  

draws all to it!  

All come to the fire,    

The flame of love,   

For its warmth and comfort,  

It’s luminous light,  

The gathering space,  

The safe and secure refuge of my Immaculate heart!  

Pride has no place here in the light of love.  

All gathered to my flame of love  

are united in the victorious chamber 

 that holds Christ and his Cross in its perfection and grace!  

It is My Immaculate Heart that holds you safe and secure!  

The battle was won at the Cross!  

Salvation awaits those who come to the safe refuge, 

the light of Christ revealed.  

The Flame of Love of My Immaculate Heart Triumphant!  


Marian Movement of Priest’s #127

My Battle 

May 18, 1977

 "Let yourselves be led by Me, beloved sons. My battle has now already begun. I will begin to strike at the heart of my Adversary, and I will act especially there where he now feels that victory is assured. He has succeeded in seducing you through pride. He has managed to pre-arrange everything in a most clever fashion. He has bent to his design every sector of human science and technique, arranging everything for rebellion against God. The greater part of humanity is now in his hands. He has managed by guile to draw to himself scientists, artists, philosophers, scholars, the powerful. Enticed by him, they have now put themselves at his service to act without God and against God. But this is his weak point. I shall attack him by using the strength of the little, the poor, the humble, the weak. I, 'the little handmaid of the Lord,' shall place myself at the head of a great company of the humble to attack the stronghold manned by the proud.

"And Mary said: Behold the handmaid of the Lord: be it done to me according to thy word. And the angel departed from her.: (Luke 1:38, DR)

The only thing I ask of all these sons of mine is that they consecrate themselves to my Immaculate Heart, and let themselves be possessed by Me. Thus in them it will be I myself who will act. And my victory, through them, has already begun. Even in my Church, Satan seems to have now succeeded in winning everything over. He feels secure because he has succeeded in tricking you and misleading you: -by error which has spread everywhere and is even proclaimed by many of my poor Priest-sons; -by infidelity which is dressed up as culture and modernisation, in an endeavour to make evangelization more up-to-date and acceptable. Thus the gospel which some preach today is no longer the Gospel of my Son Jesus; -by sin, which is more and more committed and justified. Often it is precisely priestly and religious lives which have become veritable cesspools of impurity. Over this Church, which seems about to sink, Satan desires to dominate as the decisive victor. I shall strike him to the heart by turning his own victory to the cause of the triumph of my Immaculate Heart. I shall avail myself of the darkness which he has spread everywhere, to choose the souls of the littlest of my sons and I shall give them my own light. Thus everyone will be led by this very obscurity to seek salvation in the light which issues from my Immaculate Heart. And all the triumph of my Adversary will have only served to help many souls to take refuge in my Mother's Heart. I will call upon my Priests to give witness to their faith, even to the point of heroism. By their example they will help the souls of many of my poor wandering children to return to the path of fidelity. I will bring my beloved sons to great holiness so that, through them, reparation may again be made for all the sins of the world. And thus it will be still possible to save many of my lost children. This is why Satan has now such great fear of Me! But I have now moved into action with the cohort of my little children. Nothing will be able to stop Me until my victory is complete in every detail. Thus, at the very moment when everything will seem lost, Providence will bring about the triumph of my Immaculate Heart in the world."


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