A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus



We should all be making a consecration to Our Eucharistic Lord!!!!  

The Lord God of Hosts!  

King of Angel Armies!  

Who created all!  

Who is above all!  

Who gave all.   

Who now gives all.  

In the consecrated Host!  

The Eucharistic Species!  

Grace given and glory of God received in every Communion Host,  

the Lord God of Hosts! 

Strength to Strength!  

It is the Sacrament of Love!  


Isaia 1:20-27 (DR)  

"But if you will not, and will provoke me to wrath: 

 the sword shall devour you because 

 the mouth of the Lord hath spoken it.

How is the faithful city, that was full of judgment, become a harlot? 

 justice dwelt in it, but now murderers.  

Thy silver is turned into dross: thy wine is mingled with water.

Thy princes are faithless, 

 companions of thieves: 

they all love bribes,

the run after rewards.

They judge not for the fatherless:

and the widow's cometh not in to them.  

Therefore saith the Lord the God of hosts, 

 the mighty one of Israel: 

Ah! I will comfort myself over my adversaries: 

and I will be revenged of my enemies.  

And I will turn my hand to thee, 

 and I will clean purge away thy dress, 

 and I will take away all thy tin.  

And I will restore thy judges as they were before, 

and thy counsellors as of old. 

 After this thou shalt be called the city of the just, 

 a faithful city.

Sion shall be redeemed in judgment, 

 and they shall bring her back in justice."  

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