A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

All Concealed 

 Will Be Revealed!    



Our Lord speaks:  

“All that was concealed will be revealed!  

The many rich traditions, the supernatural powers and graces will now be revealed, 

 and the remnant will be rewarded and sent out into the world!  

Where evil exists grace abounds all the more!  

You remnant, you chosen souls, remember the words of your Savior,  

“Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and it will be opened to you!  

God will not be outdone in his generosity, 

 especially to his faithful,   

who are to be the visible signs of his presence!  

You will only be limited by limitations you place upon yourselves 

 by the minuteness or the vastness of your requests!  

Your Mother, and spiritual leader will guide you in assisting you with the gifts and virtues 

 that best suit you in your vocation and your sincere and humble charitable desires!  

Just as you ask her and the Holy Spirit to guide you in revealing sins for your reconciliation, 

 so also make these same requests for the supernatural gifts and graces 

to live the abundant life you have been called to!  

Do not be bashful as you seek these spiritual gifts and fruits!  

Stand in humility and docility so that these gifts come to you and remain in you!   

It is I, in you that seeks to save, 

 and I in you who will make these acts of mercy and love, 

 with you as my hands and feet and voice!  

Be the visible signs of my presence in the world!  

I am in you and around you!  

Be the visible signs and the voice of reason and redemption to the world, 

 as the first fruits of my coming Kingdom!  

In all suffering there is exultation for those who know truth and believe!  

It is in perfect charity, and self sacrificing love that full redemption takes place!  

You are to be the fulfillment in signs and wonders of the Unity Prayer!  

Do not be surprised by what you will witness! 

Stand in expectant faith, 

 and in sincere gratitude of the wonders and the works you are about to live out!  

You who dwell in the heart of my Mother,   

need to embrace the simple knowledge that you have also the fullness of My heart!  

Her Immaculate Heart, and my Sacred Heart are One Heart, 

 just as I and the Father are one!  

Unite your hearts now in full faith and resolve 

 to our hearts in a spiritual unity and oneness  

 the likes of which the world has never before seen or experienced!  

You are now to be my living witnesses to the fulfillment of My Justice and My Mercy!”  


Arise O Lord and let your enemies be scattered, 

 because the fullness of the light of Christ is about to befall upon a fallen world!  



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