A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus

Listen, Hear, Understand, Obey!  


Listen, Hear, Understand, Obey!  


Love Is a Radiant Light - The Life and Words of St Charbel - page 49

“All human beings are endowed with two ears of to hear, but very few hear. Among those who hear, there are very few who understand. Then, too, among those who hear, and understand, there are very few who live in accordance with what they have understood. There are very few who are heading toward the kingdom, and the gate is narrow.

Listen, understand, and witness.

Lend an ear to the Saviors voice. 

Understand the truth and bear witness to it. 

Live it. 

Keep silence in order to hear and to understand the Lords voice.

But beware of lending an ear to the echo of your own thoughts;

beware of hearing only yourselves. 

 Free yourselves from your ideas and let God‘s word purify them, 

cutting away what must be eliminated and by rewriting what must be rewritten.” 


Let go and let God!  





Perfect Charity requires perfect obedience.   

To stand in truth we must know the truth!  

To know the truth we must listen and hear in the silence of our hearts!  

There must be peace in our hearts to have silence in our hearts!  

Christ then, must sit at the throne of our hearts;  

Of our desire;  

Of our thoughts;  

Of our Will!  

To become instruments of grace, we must be instruments of peace!  

To become instruments of peace, we must have silence and simplicity and surrender!  

What stirs you?  

What agitates?  

What do you fear?  

Why do you fear?  

Silence, simplicity, surrender.  

Patience and obedience to quietly receive the Word, the Joy, 

the Grace which flows through the quiet contemplative!  

John 16:33 (DR)  

These Things I have told you that you may have peace.  

In the world you shall have distress, but be of good cheer, I have overcome the world” 

Quietly and obediently cling to Christ on the Cross!  

With resolve and with solace become all that God intended through his Divine Will!  

You have an identity!  

You have a destiny!  

Your identity is to live in the fullness of grace as a child of God!  

Your destiny is to know, love, and serve him in this life    

 so that we can be forever united with him in the next!  

Bring a friend!  

Oh, and all your loved ones!  



It is said we become what we think about most!

Imagine the soul who always seeks the Holy Face of Jesus and quietly, 

consciously keeps Christ ever present in our thoughts, word, and deed?


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