A book of prayers to the Holy Face of Jesus



Our Lady Speaks:   

The day of reckoning has come!  

Prepare yourself!  

The soul, the soul, the soul!  

Trust in the God who loves you,  

And prepare your soul!  

Intercede for the souls of others!   

Our hearts have become hardened,  

and our minds darkened!  

You have lost the light of Christ within you!  

The Father has chosen a chastisement to punish the wicked,  

to awaken those who slumber and are sleeping in their faith,  

and to expand the abundance of grace in the remnant,  

 who intercede with me on behalf of their brethren! 

This time of great crisis is the time of great and effective evangelization!  

You must strengthen your faith now and ask boldly for the gifts of the Holy Spirit   

who responds to those who trust and hold the Peace of Christ firmly in their hearts!  

The Father will respond with graces beyond measure 

 to those who surrender with docility to His Will!   

The sinful malice of men seek now to oppress others, 

 and with hatred in their hearts seek to remove God from our lives, 

 to purge him from our minds and our hearts!  

It is a destruction of our inner yearning that seeks to become united with God, 

 our creator, and causes nature and all of God’s created creatures to rebel!  

All harmony and peace is lost, 

and natural and man made disasters and oppression will continue to escalate in ferocity and frequency!  

You remnant who are consecrated to me and to my Immaculate Heart, 

 will unite with me in prayerful intercession and all of creation 

 to repair and reclaim what the wicked seek to destroy!

Stay close to my heart, make prayerful acts of sacrifice and reparation for the glory of God  

and the conversion and salvation of souls!  

Ignite the Flame of Love and the light of Christ in the darkest hour the world has known, 

 so that God’s grace and glory abound and the power of the Holy Spirit is made fully manifest!  

This is your task!  

This is your time!  

Fight children of the light!  

You Apostles of the true faith!  

You soldiers of the Holy Spirit!  

There will be a return to purity and innocence and God’s grace will abound in the new ERA of peace, 

with you as it’s forerunners!  

Be fearless in your resolve and simple in your strong faith!  

The Father will never forsake you!  

Surrender to His Will and trust in his Divine Providence!  

You have been chosen and he has counted ever hair on your head!   

Your worldly needs will be met, 

and you will lay witness to greater things than those of My Son 

and of the saints before you in the coming days and months!  

This is your time!  

You must fulfill your vocation in the manner that God has created you and chosen you to be!  

Great spiritual gifts await you who love, surrender, trust, and obey!  

Seek joy and Serenity always!  

A Child knows nothing beyond the great love and security of the Father, 

 to provide for and to comfort, especially in times of suffering and sorrow!  

So it is with you, children of the light!  

God’s presence will abound in you if you wholeheartedly embrace his presence, his protection, and his love!



Joshua 1:9

“Be of great courage now, the Lord is with you wherever you go!”


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